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Leak detection specialist- water leak detector – Aquademica was founded in 2005 and is the Swedish market leader in the area of leak detection. We have the resources and the know-how to carry out large investigations both on a local and international basis. Energy companies, counties, construction companies, housing cooperatives and building service companies are among the customers that utilize Aquademica’s comprehensive leak detection solutions. Our consultants are proficient in detecting leaks in several areas such as district heating systems, water pipes and roofs, and detect the source of the leakage without damaging the surrounding material.

In most countries water is a scarce and valuable resource that requires expensive treatment and purification. Water loss comes at a significant cost both in terms of money for the water companies and shortages for society and commercial interests.

We are truly leak detection professionals and our consulting engineers investigate the source of the leakage regardless of what and where it leaks. Having information about the source of the leak offers our customers the information they need to take proper action and repair the leak.

Our services

– Localization of leakages in all pressurized pipes, such as district heating systems.
– Thermographical investigations for water and energy leakage in district heating systems.
– Sound ranging and electro-acoustic water leak detection of feed pipes to identify cold water leaks.
– Project based leak detection and risk analysis for commercial industries and power plants.



Detecting leaks in districs heating systems

thermography 96 Leak detection
We perform vehicle-borne thermography of district heating networks to help you secure the supply of heat and hot water to households. The method is an excellent way to quickly get a clear overall picture of the state of the entire network, which facilitates the planning of maintenance and control of costs. By locating leaks with great precision, before the shovel is in the ground, maintenance are made easier and more cost effective.
vehicle borne thermography1 Leak detection
thermography inside vehicle Leak detection
How it works
When using vehicle-borne thermography, the leak detection technician controls the thermal camera using a robotic head. Measurements are made at night taking thermal pictures at a distance of 20 kilometers depending on the terrain.

Complete report

When we have conducted measurements, we compile a report and make a complete walkthrough and evaluation of the results with you. in this report, we present the status of the district heating network, along with the recommended maintenance in what we consider to be the best action scheme. Our report gives you the opportunity to fix the leaks before they become acute, and planning and budgeting for future maintenance. We can also help you to structure the maintenance of district heating network over time.


The leak, what does it cost?

A leak in the heating network can cause a variety of problems, for example, wet insulation can lead to corrosion and energy loss. The costs of this can be difficult to estimate, however it is easy to see the cost of the leaking water over time. Send us your drawings and details of the size of the leak in your heating networks and we can offer you a free investment calculation.


A municipality with a 40 km long district heating network with a leak of 30 cubic meters per day have a monthly cost of $8,100.* The cost of vehicle-borne thermography is estimated, in this case, to $12,000.**
kalkyl1 Leak detection
The example shows that the investment for the vehicle-borne thermography paid for themselves after only about two months. The savings generated in the first year corresponds, in this example, the cost of five years of pro-active thermography. (Assuming the leaks located are corrected.)

* On a monthly basis, leakage is 900 cubic meters. In this case estimated cost of treat- ment and heating of new water before it can be introduced into the system to $9 per cubic meter.
** Vehicle-borne thermography costs about 30 cent per meter.

Read more about vehicle-borne thermography here.

Water leakage in indoor swimming pool

leakdetection Leak detection
The indoor swimming pool complex in Härnösand, Sweden, had just undergone a lavish and extensive renovation. Visitors could now enjoy the luxurious relaxation area with four different smaller pools, whirlpool, hot tubs and climate showers. But the joy of the newly built swimming pools did not last long. Soon it was discovered that water dripped down from upstairs, downstairs into the stands on the floor below. Even the children’s water park was leaking water.
swimming pool Leak detection
measure1 Leak detection
pool1 Leak detection

Our work

Aquademica was commissioned to detect hidden leaks and bring a measure proposal. Using advanced leak detection technology several small cracks, impossible to see with the naked eye, were detected in three of the four pools. Aquademicas leak detection engineers then submitted a draft measure, and the swimming pools could be re-opened for the new season.

Water leakage in high-rise estate

inlackage Leak detection
One of the biggest cooperative housing in Sweden suffered from leakage problems when constructing apartment building in Gothenburg, in 2010. All apartments in the 14-storey building, beautifully located by the riverside, was sold out even before moving-in day. During construction it was discovered that water had seeped into the buildning in conjunction with rain. Construction workers had tried to fix the problems by projecting on moldings, windows and seal cracks – unfortunately without result. In time for the residents to move in, the leaks appeared once again, despite previous measures.
ceiling Leak detection
wall Leak detection

Our work

Aquademica was commissioned to detect and locate hidden faults and bring a measure proposal. A team consisting of a project manager and two leak detection engineers was assembled to investigate the problem using advanced techniques. Investigation showed that leakage on one of the floors was actually caused by leakage from a few floors up. Aquademica submitted a draft measure and the water ceased leaking, thanks to the right measure.

When a leakage is to be addressed it is important not to make a hasty conclusion as this can lead to erroneous measure. Instead it is important to thoroughly and methodically investigate the cause of the problem. This allows significant savings to be made.

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